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If your business is seeking financial support from a bank or private financier, external investor support, joint venture partners, a partial or total sale, having compelling documentation that clearly articulates the value proposition on offer is one of the foundation stones to your success.

The Jotting Compelling Documentation Program covers issues such as ...

  • Your startup or spin off summary that needs to rapidly convey technical information in a non technical manner so as to facilitate decision making
  • Your private information memorandum needs to be clear, concise and accurate to attract attention and convey the next steps to growth and development
  • Your report for financial support must articulate your plans and direction in a manner that articulates the different risk profile.
  • Your white papers need to explain clearly, in a respectful manner, to those you wish to communicate with, so the rest don't bother connecting.
  • Your annual report may be required for compliance purposes and yet at the same time, is a communication document for prospective investors or financiers.

There are three key areas that compelling documentation is required to address.

  • Strategy
    Why this document? Who are you speaking to? What do you want them to feel, think and do?
  • Positioning
    How do you want your business and the opportunity to be positioned in the market in comparison to your competition or alternative investments?
  • Expertise
    Ensuring the knowledge and skills of the team and the opportunity is expressed in such a manner that builds trust and confidence.

Jotting forms part of Scaffold, as compelling documents are critical to fund raising

Like to know more? Then organise a time to have a chat, about where you wish to go with your compelling documentation.