A pre-action audit and assessment

This is a business operational due diligence program ensuring your business is investment and investor ready. This covers all structural, reporting, and contractual documents that ensures all potential risks are exposed and mitigated before proceeding to the next step.

Developing a foundation of solid financial forecasting.

The financial due diligence process ensures that buyers and sellers transact for an appropriate value, in a transparent manner. Today investors and lenders have zero tolerance for badly priced transactions and require increased assurance on the merits of the proposal presented.

A clear market position as unique as your business.

All businesses we team up with are outstanding and unique. We work together to develop a value proposition that outlines why your ideas, business, its IP, processes, team and ethics will establish new opportunities in your industry. Ultimately, your unique positioning will assure investors to invest into your opportunity.

A scalable model ready to capitalise on every opportunity.

Investors are looking for businesses opportunity that can scale and expand speedily with the right investment.

Together we develop a model for your company to show investors that the opportunity is agile, scaleable and ready for action.

Ignite interest and spark excitement around your ideas.

In addition to a solid business case, the marketing of your opportunity must feature additional components that pique interest, generate excitement and draw investors into the company's story.

We will draw out and emphasise all the X Factors of your business and its future, presenting them in a way that encourages investors to take decisive action.

A view to the future based on solid foundations.

The ultimate question for potential backers will always be …. what is the projected return on their investment? The financial proposition we develop together, for your business, will present the upside of the opportunity and how this will generate attractive exit strategies

Leadership teams that create confidence.

Often the leadership team behind an opportunity can be the crucial factor for investors when deciding to work with a new venture. Investors must believe that the team can deliver the business plan and adapt to the many challenges of growing a new company.

Mitigating risks to ensure rewards.

Every opportunity that presents a high reward will inevitably possess risks. What investors want to know is that you have identified the key risk factors and developed plans to mitigate and manage these potential hurdles. 


Here's How We Help

      • We conduct both Fit Business and Jotting Programs to assess your preparedness to go to market to seek debt funding, to seek a buyer or to raise equity.
      • We will work with you to ascertain the most effective strategy and strategic agenda to follow.
      • We challenge and question everything you present to us.
      • We will review your proposal to ascertain its readiness to meet any compliance and governance processes.
      • If you are exiting or seeking debt funds will review your proposal to ascertain its readiness to be presented to buyers or funding organisations.
      • If you are seeking invetor support we will work with you to tailor a customised offer document that can be promoted openly, and which enables you to raise any amount you wish from an unlimited number of investors on your terms.
      • We provide access to your branded technology platform, that allows you to promote your offer online, so as to attract small and large private investors.
      • We assist with administration and support for the tech and user applications and work with you to provide investor updates.
      • We provide access for your opportunity to an existing base of interested investors.

If you'd like to know more about this Program then let's have a conversation about any issues you would like clarified and whether Scaffold is for your business and its future.


Important Note: This program is not a "crowd funding" program