Business Sprints Business Sprints

Short bursts of discovery that will support you and guide your energy into initiatives that work for you as you create a bigger future.

Together, we’ll look at how you organize one, or both, of the two key activities of your business and ensure they get you where you want to go. With changes happening in all sorts of areas of business and personal lives getting business fit and ready to experience a bigger future working in short sprints in those areas that require specific attention ensures you focus on what matters most.

Each Sprint ...

    • lasts 5 working days, over 4 weeks, utilising an adaptive framework
    • assists you to develop an agenda for change and growth within your business
    • is designed to keep you in a continual state of learning, growth and iteration
    • provides you with new tools, strategies and skills to apply to your circumstance
    • provides an accountability process set out by you to keep you in momentum

Everyone gets stuck or plateaus at the points where the most growth occurs that's the point where you need support.


Develop a clear innovation agenda, mapping out how you’ll achieve your business goals, from the initiatives you’ll run, to the budget, and the governance model. Simplify your plan by producing a clear innovation strategy that’s easily understood by people at all levels of your organisation. Customise the agenda to suit your needs and ensure it tackles your key challenges. Every organisation is unique, as is each iteration of this program.


Gain new perspectives into how your business is structured and designed and how it connects with and meets your changing customers needs and the environment in which it operates. Discover how to focus on the most pressing issues from your customers’ perspective by gaining a different approach to the nine key areas of your business and the core value propositions your customers are seeking. Prototype, test and validate your business model ensuring you are focusing on the most impactful problems to provide first hints of possible solutions. They enable you to set a better path to achieve your long-term goals.


Before you take the next steps following your Sprint you need a process, and agenda, and tools, to continually set parameters and guide you while you make changes and improve. The Sprint provides you with this.

Remember: Thinking without action is a dream.

Get in touch with me to discuss further an Innovation or Design Sprint that will assist you to create a bigger future for your business.