Strategic Conversation Risk - Potential - Capabilities Conversation

Everyone I work with has a complimentary “Risk - Potential - Capabilities Conversation” which includes such questions as …

  • What are the risks you face that you need to address? 
  • What is the underlying potential for your business by alleviating the risks? 
  • What are the unique capabilities that your business has to underpin its future?

Questions such as these provide a means of addressing

  • The need for change within your business
  • Responsible investment decision making
  • Understanding of the core problems … and the best strategic responses
  • The provision of an accountability framework for delivering benefits

The real outcome is that it enables you to view your business from a unique perspective, while discovering more about it and where it’s at.

Having the RPC Conversation also provides a productive outcome for you, regardless of whether you continue to work with me. This is most important as you can experience working with me, rather than reading or listening to me tell you about how I work with you.


Invest 45 minutes of your time to discover what is possible for you and your business in these troubled times

The 5 week Strategic Agenda Program covers these core areas


Your Business GPS GPS

A GPS isn't a compass, it's not a map, it's actually a way of pinpointing where you are in relation to your surrounds, as a starting point to advance.

The Business GPS is great for assessing where your business is now, before you move with conviction to create a bigger future for yourself and your business.

Preparing Your Strategic Agenda Prepare

You now know where you are at and have a big picture view of where you are intending to go, this point is where you lay the foundations for the future. It doesn't matter which of the three directions you are heading as the Strategic Agenda is the same regardless of your chosen outcome.

This place is where you delve into the toolbox to review the tools available to you to use during this next step. 



Your Strategic Position Position

Now knowing where you are at and being aware of those obstacles the next step is to develop a project plan out of the foundations you have laid.

Everything you have in place is now under scrutiny … why, how and why bother are questions asked to interrogate your plans and strategies.

Proceed toward the outcomes you choose Proceed

You know where you are at; you know where you want to go; you have completed all the preparations and now the real action begins. As the saying goes ... now the rubber hits the road. 

This is a sales and marketing activity, and whether you are positioning your business to grow, stay stable or exit, communicating the potential of your products or services to the marketplace is critical.