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What do you appreciate?When we appreciate something that act adds value to it.

If you appreciate something and I don’t, that “something” has more value in your eyes than mine.

That sounds so simplistic but it is in fact how everything in the world has value; somebody appreciates it. Until somebody appreciates a particular thing, a particular event, a particular situation or relationship there is no value in it.

Appreciation is something you do … it’s not something someone else does for you. Every time you appreciate a particular thing, new value and meaning is created.

Many business people I meet are waiting for the one big moment that will change their business. The big deal, the big client, the big project, that perfect thing that will take their business to the next level is what they are hanging out for.

So while they are waiting for this “big thing” they are not focusing on the smaller things that have value, that add value, to what they do daily.

Appreciate the small things in your business because those small things can make the biggest deal to clients and customers.


One of the foundations of a successful business is core values, standards against which we measure everything else.

Those small businesses that have a strong value system are less likely to be overwhelmed by the manipulative communication of others. That “noise” doesn’t appear on their radar, as they know what they value and appreciate and what they don’t.

Knowing what your businesses core values are will go along way to avoiding the distractions of messages likely to distract you.


Just as some people wait for the big moment others wait for the big opportunity that is going to save their business and themselves. Countless large, medium and small opportunities pass them by because they are so focused on the “big opportunity”.

Recognising opportunity is a learned practice … what are you practicing?


Here’s my prediction for your business …

If you appreciate what other businesses do and the value they provide, if you appreciate the people who work in those businesses, if you appreciate the things that have the greatest value then that is what your business will become.

If what you value is limited, exclusive and happens behind closed doors, that shuts you away from others and their experiences, then that is what your business will become.

What sort of a business do you want to create?

Then what must you be appreciative of, to have your business achieve what you want?


No doubt you’ve seen or heard about the sports person, movie star, rock band member who went too far too fast?

Most people can only handle a limited amount of success in their lives, which has nothing to do with their skills and ability, rather with their lack of positive appreciation. As a result they see little value in what they have achieved.

As a business owner, being appreciative creates a positive field around us, which allows us to achieve continually greater success.

Knowing and appreciating success allows us to strive for even greater success, which in turn has profound meaning in our lives.

Now prepare for the greater success you are working toward.

As business owners we sometimes loose our sense of direction and dynamism as our ability to appreciate is diminished.

Consumption demands appreciation … without appreciation there is no value.

Once appreciation disappears success brings less happiness. Remember those celebrity types I mentioned at the beginning?


What does your business provide that is appreciated?
What does your business provide that is valued?
What appreciation do you have for your work and the people who work in your business?
What value do you place on your work and do you value the people who work in your business?