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silenceBecause is always used in connection with cause and effect.

Because "this" then "that", when you use because in any sentence you are actually disempowering yourself and your ability to react and take charge of your business and your actions in that circumstance.

Because of the cold weather ... I'm not going to be able to afford my increased power bill
I’m having a horrible day ... because of a phone call this morning
Because ... of the interest rate rises my building business may have to close
Because ... I am so busy I don ’t have time to market my business.

Because is like stamping on your forehead … I am a victim, I have no control or impact in relation to what happens to me.

There is an air of inevitability of blame against another or an outside event and “it’s going to happen regardless of what I do”. What a cop out!

I was a farmer in a former life and all farm businesses are at the vagaries of the weather.

Whether it rains or not, impacts on the success of the season happening right now. Whilst farmers have no control over the weather, they do have control over their reactions to that weather. They can plan in the previous years to make and store hay, to put aside a financial nest egg for hard times , or having conservative financial gearing and more.

This also applies to “any” business whether farming related or not.

As individuals we all too often use “because” to explain or more rightly excuse our current circumstance.

To set the scene read the words of Bonnie Poitras Tucker ...

"I spin a roll of toilet paper—hard, and the paper unwinds to the floor. Does it make a noise as it unfurls? As it hits the floor?

When ice cream melts and drips on my sleeve does it make a noise? Or will it only make a noise if it drips onto a hard surface, like the ground, rather than on my soft sleeve?

They tell me that escaping air makes a sound. How? When?"

Bonnie was a full time mother who went to law school and became a corporate litigator, she then became a law professor at Arizona State University College of Law, and an expert in several areas of the law, including disability rights.

Oh and incidentally she did this as a profoundly deaf person communicating by lip-reading.

Bonnie during her life may have been frustrated and totally despondent at the cards life dealt her: but the words “because I am deaf “ didn’t enter her thinking … she had no excuse not to do something. In fact being deaf was the fire of motivation to do something, to have a go and achieve.

How easy would it have been for Bonnie to use those words “because I’m deaf” ... how many excuses could she have made for doing nothing, of being a helpless victim?

Because is a denial of choice, of the ability to control your actions and reactions to any event that confronts you.