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Bob the BuilderI watched a Bob the Builder video the other day, with a friend's small son, and realised that he's more than your average tradesman.

Like many children’s entertainment figures he has more than one message and for different groups. If you haven't seen him at work then its well worth the time watching what he does.

  • His phone is always answered with a bright and breezy welcome
  • He knows his clients and communicates with care and kindness.
  • He delivers on his promises and never leaves a job unfinished.
  • He embraces challenge and greets each day with a friendly smile.
  • Bob knows what works and he sticks with it.
  • He tackles every new assignment with gusto, as if it were his first.

Just watch him.

So why are we talking about a children's TV hero?

Okay, whatever you're doing, just stop for a few moments and ponder this:

What have you stopped doing in your business that used to work well?

In particular, think about actions to do with:

  • customer contact and relationship building
  • marketing
  • accepting new challenges
  • communication with those around you

Often in business we get out of the habit of doing the basic things that initially motivated us, the very things that made our business of appeal to others, especially if we work alone.

Consider someone who very clearly loves his or her business (Bob the Builder, for example) and look closely at what is done as a matter of course. Positive actions have become habits; they are now a part of the business.

People, such as Bob, also approach life with energy and vigour. They think more clearly, more positively. They approach the world with more brightness. Well …. don't they?

Our business also deserves a 'fitness focus' as do each of us from time to time and the consequence can be an increase in that magical stuff that makes our business attractive.

So, as we continue on in our busiless life, look back at your activity last year and ponder again:

  • What have I stopped doing that works?
  • What actions need to become habits and how will I make sure they do?
  • For my business to be fit & healthy what regimes need to be (re)introduced?