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Everyone views their circumstances through their own lense. (obviously).

As a result there are a number views of what is “normal” that are being discussed across the media ...

  • Old Normal / Normal - what many want to go back to.
  • COVID Normal - the current normal, what ever that is for each of us.
  • pre-Covid Normal / Normal - what many are yearning for thinking they can “go back” to.

Our current view of the world is always changing it’s just that what was foisted on everyone, without our consent, is what is driving a level of discomfort.
Where to from here?
Regardless of what we may wish or dream about we can never go back to our previous normal

So essentially we are stuck with COVID Normal?

I have a different proposition to put to you … we each design and build a new normal, a normal that is a “Better Normal”
We have an opportunity at this point to create the change we need to put in place the future we seek.
What’s your “Better Normal”?

what's normal?