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One Billion has become the “new normal” in finance and borrowing amounts.

It used to be millions then hundreds of millions.

So what does a billion, a million million, or 10¹² look like?

Use the concept of one billion to change your thinking

Time to pirouette and transfer that concept to time along with your thinkinking.

Let's start with a billion minutes? 

1 billion minutes = 1,901 years

That’s a bit of a challenge to have any real meaning

What about a billion seconds?

There are 31.71 years in a billion seconds.

Now that’s a concept worth exploring and asking questions around.

One billion seconds from today is Sunday, February 11, 2052

What legacy are you building today and what will it look like in 2052?
Oh, but I’ll be dead by then so why bother … is a common response when I’ve asked that question.

Does that mean you’ll disengage mentally, about creating a bigger future?
Oh, and at what date will that cease?
When you are 65, 70, 75, 80?

Or maybe the concept of building a bigger future, beyond your lifetime, would enable an impetus to change the way you think about your life as it is and what it could be?

May be a lifetime without time constraints?

Observing many people who have “retired” or are talking about “retirement” that milestone is another nail in their coffin.

As someone who grew up in a farming community, I saw many a farmer “retire” to town and they departed within five years. They had lost their drive, their vision, their reason for living had packed up and as a result so did they.

Is your life confined by a precise number of years?

Do you have an expectation based around your family history or actuarial figures, which places a limit on you and your thinking?

What would your life look like if they never applied?

We are experiencing a pirouette in so many ways … by adding another billion seconds to your life, how would that alter your thinking, your business and the way you live your life?