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fenceSitting on the fence is not an option for anyone.

With the obvious comments about what that does to you physically, from a business perspective it's also not an option.

Check these out

Boutique  Commodity

Value  Price

Quality  Quantity

For the life of me I can't find a word that fit's between any of those two words .. a word expressing the "middle ground"

When the community is feeling less confident in their economic position and that of the country many business owners figure that people care about price and nothing but price.

People actually care more about value

They care about value more than they used to because they can’t afford to overpay, they don’t want to make a mistake with their money.

So if you are in the middle of the Value / Price gap the choice is yours ... go one way or the other.

Lower your price

The challenge here is, anyone can sell below your sale price and you both go broke in the process.

Increase your value

Increase quality and quantity and the unmeasurable pieces that bring confidence and joy to a client relationship.

While all of your competitors are busy increasing value by cutting prices (an oxymoron), you can actually increase market share by increasing real value and raising benefits.

There is no "just right" in the middle ... "just right" can be found in either the value or price points ... it all depends on your customer perception and your communication.

Knowing where you are and where your competitors are ... will assist you in differentiating your services and ensure you aren't stuck on the fence.