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Small Words with Great ImpactSmall words can make a big difference when you are communicating, by changing the focus on what people read, comprehend and act upon.

Procter and Gamble wanted to increase their sales of shampoo so they asked their employees for suggestions.

One factory worker suggested that one little word be added to the instructions on the company's shampoo bottles. The word was "repeat," as in Lather, Rinse, and Repeat. That one little word more than doubled sales.

Yes I've checked some Procter and Gamble products in the supermarket and those words are included on the instructions.

I'm having trouble believing this actual story .. it could be an urban myth but let's not have that get in the road of some learning.

We all want to create the biggest "bang for our buck" when it comes to promotion and advertising.

We must make sure we have a very high impact that creates the perception of value to the customer.

What small words can you use in your copy that refines the focus of your message?