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You can afford it if you get your head around the issue

People who say they con't afford something need to focus on the underlying drives of their thinking.

Very few of the people you deal with literally can't afford it. What they are really trying to say is, "it's not worth it", 'I don't see the value in it' or 'at present it's not a priority in my life'.

As in, "it's not worth reorganising my life", "I'll have to give up to get this" or "it's not worth the risk", or "I'm not about to do that".

Even with these underlying feelings many people don't realise that's what they are saying to themselves.

I was reading a report last week about people with $5,000 a month mobile phone bills and how they were going without food to pay for being connected, it's all about priorities and perceived value.

The usual response to this resistance from many business owners is lower prices.


Obviously the people concerned don't get the message, they don't see the value ... actually it's that you haven't articulated the pain that your offer removes.

Now is the time where you need to get clear, tell the story in a more accurate fashion, talk to them about what they receive not what you do.

Make it, what ever it is, worth investing in.