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Bicycle Repair ManEach of us has an important role in life ... even the Bicycle Repairman.

Teabag MarketingTea bags for some are cool, they save time and the mess of tea and now the makers of coffee are doing the same.

However ... convenience can be a trap.

Bob the BuilderI watched a Bob the Builder video the other day, with a friend's small son, and realised that he's more than your average tradesman.

wordsThere’s no denying it; words are powerful. I’m talking POWERFUL!


This has to be one of the smallest and most commonly used little words, but have you as a business owner ever given any thought to its importance?

fenceSitting on the fence is not an option for anyone.

With the obvious comments about what that does to you physically, from a business perspective it's also not an option.

Small Words with Great ImpactSmall words can make a big difference when you are communicating, by changing the focus on what people read, comprehend and act upon.

Häagen DazsSimplicity is something that is sadly missing in our lives today

Many express a need for it and spend time searching for it

Lipstick DecisionsDuring the start of 2008 make-up giants L'Oreal and Estee Lauder knew we were facing a global recession.