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Visit any physical or online bookstore and discover literally thousands of books appealing to you to read them.

People don’t change .... uneless they choose to

Innovation can be seen as turning an idea into a solution that adds value.

There is always just one simple step that makes everything faster and easier

Heard that before?


Effect is an ocurrence that follows, or that is caused by a previous ocurrence.

An example of effect is slurred speech after having too much alcohol.

The world has enough information.

There are thousands of books on weight loss, yet the world is more obese than ever.

silenceBecause is always used in connection with cause and effect.

Because "this" then "that", when you use because in any sentence you are actually disempowering yourself and your ability to react and take charge of your business and your actions in that circumstance.

What do you appreciate?When we appreciate something that act adds value to it.

If you appreciate something and I don’t, that “something” has more value in your eyes than mine.

You can afford it if you get your head around the issue

People who say they con't afford something need to focus on the underlying drives of their thinking.