Think Tank


Tap into Your Own Think Tank

Think TankThink Tank

While there may be a sense of pride and excitement for you as a business owner and innovator, living on the edge, going it alone is not always the wisest strategy.

Entrepreneurial businesses need external people too.

Why not access a crack team of experienced people with the combined skills to cover the gaps in the essential and changing needs of your business as it grows?
But what skills, provided by whom and under what terms?
So how do SME entrepreneurs and owners ensure they have the right team with the right skills at the right time?

Be Strategic

Your Think Tank could be named a Strategic Council as is doesn't advise you, doesn't direct you, it's just a "think tank", an external ideas resource assisting your business to achieve it's full potential. The Think Tank doen't include your existing professional advisors, they have a different role to play in your business.

Are you seeking to expand the skills base at a strategic level of your business?
Unsure as to who to choose or how to go about structuring or facilitating a Think Tank?

I facilitate Think Tanks, as well as contribute to them, so if this is of interest to you make contact with me to discuss how this strategy could be of use to your business.