How the Vantaja process works

The Approach

The Vantaja approach is a way of preparing your business, your documentation and your thinking, to achieve your aim of raising capital, engaging in a joint venture, gaining private debt or exiting your business. Each of those strategies is actually a sale process, as you are doing just that.

Each of these steps is taken one after the other. even if you decide to go to the action step, the Audit and Review steps are undertaken as the information compiled, the changes in your thinking and the go to market strategies you adopt need to have clarity for you to transact.

Document Audit

This is a assessment and report of all the documents that form the due diligence to discover what gaps are evident and what action is required.

The audit covers the following areas ...

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Operational
  • Commercial
  • Intellectual Property
  • HR/Staffing
  • ITC
  • Insurance

Time Frame
~48 Hours*

Strategic Review

Your Strategic Review is fact-based in depth analysis of the business, the opportunities or issues being faced and the issues being faced.

Covers all areas from the Audit from a strategic perspective plus ...

  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Risk Assessment

Time Frame
~3 Weeks*

Action Outcome

Facilitation of the outcome being sought.

Includes preparation of all document aggregation and compelling report generation, liaison with all professional services and transaction facilitation.

Time Frame
~12 Weeks*

Ongoing Support

Mentoring, coaching, concierge and facilitation.

So, you’ve achieved what you sought in the previous steps.

Where to next?

Do you need ongoing external resource support or the establishment and facilitation of a Strategic Council?
Someone to challenge and support you and your business on the next step of your journey?

Time Frame
~12 Weeks*


If you would like to know more about the Vantaja process and how it would apply to your circumstances then contact me here and we can discuss options for you


* Times are an indication and assume that you are able to respond in a prompt manner to information requests, clarifications and strategy sessions.