Your confidentiality and that of all of my clients is paramount. And so whilst I am incredibly proud of those I work with, and have worked with, and the projects with which I have been involved in, the fact is that by and large I can never reflect upon it publicly.

In all my work the clear intention is to understand the key foundations of your thinking, your operations, your strategy, and ultimately your objectives. I then strive to assist you in creating a future you seek, utilising these foundations.

Below is a snapshot of some of the projects I'm engaged with or have completed.

Farm Based Business Growing and Value Adding

The project involves the commercialisation of five years of a home based hobby business focusing on high value nutritional production, such that the business is recognised internationally as being at the cutting edge. Supporting structural and operational growth, new technology implementation via metoring and concierge service.

Engineering IP Commercialisation

Observation and intuitive design has seen prototypes and commercial trails being undertaken that now underpins world wide patenting of the first of four products. Their focus is on driving productivity and more importantly OH&S risk mitigation within the sector. Strong customer interest in seeing the products developed and their wishing to invest into the project, the developer is now structuring two investment ready businesses to manufacture and deliver a service to industry, initially in Australia.

High Nutrition Food Product Range

The project involves the aggregation of a range of existing and unrelated technologies into a framework for the development of highly nutritious and bio-available food products. These products are targeted to achieve entry into a number of specific markets, each of which has been largely ignored to date.

Export Manufacturing Retail Ready

Restructuring and funding of garment brand that controls the supply chain from raw material to final product delivered to premium international markets. The ongoing project has demand that far outweighs the ability to deliver and innovative management; financing and distribution systems are being developed as a result.

Food Processing IP Commercialisation

Involving a family business with unique food related IP of a disruptive nature. The project includes completion of due diligence, strategic business and financial model development, review of the IP, corporate structuring. The divestment is to allow the full potential of the IP to be developed and to allow the current owners to invest into other unrelated food value adding processes.

Food Ingredient Commercialisation and Licensing

Involving a family business with unique food industry IP with world wide potential. The project involved a full business plan development and strategic review of the IP while raising funds for three interconnected businesses. The project, ongoing, includes the development of strategic alliances internationally.

Business Expansion and Part Exit

Involving a family business with unique IP with world wide potential. The project involves exiting one of the businesses while rapidly growing the remainder via strategic alliances.

Industry Body Merger

Worked with two industry based co-operatives to develop merger strategies, strategic agendas, cultural change and future business and marketing strategies.

CleanTech Expansion

Advisor and project manager facilitation for an Australian business, establishing two multi site businesses in Australia and Asia in the “Clean Tech” industry. Capital placement negotiations for $10 million and $6 million in the two distinct projects along with negotiations with joint venture partners.

Distributed Publishing” and “ERP” Software

Project involved working with an international private investor group seeking to enter the Australian market with a commercial/open source solution using the Australian marketplace as a testing ground before going international.