Illuka Mine


Working Together


Here are some of the ways we can work together. In a world where information is ubiquitous, there is an increased importance on the role of any of the modalities I work with.

Whether my roles is as a Mentor, Facilitator, Catalyst or Concierge when working with you you have access to a breadth of experience in management, facilitation, strategic planning and strategising, along with insights gained via projects that I've been involved in.

Execution, less exertion, increased impact.

We explore well beyond the edges of what is usually thought of as possible.

I'm constantly aware that change is not a spectator sport, it takes an open mind, and acceptance of risk and being adaptable.

This means braving the unknown to discover opportunities and alternatives you may not have thought of.

Your business has challenges to meet relating to commercialising its IP, conducting negotiations with potential JV partners, financiers or potential investors or acquirers.

Articulating what is the true value of your work, is paramount. Who is on your side?

In what area would you like to work on?

Together we work on your business growth strategic agenda, or your exit strategy and preparedness, while ensuring your documentation has clarity and is in place to achieve your goals.

The following six areas is where the initial action takes place, and from this an implementation and execution plan is developed and acted upon.

Creative Thinking - What are our three biggest issues? In what ways are we going to capitalise on overcoming them? What changes do we need to make to ensure greater success?

Mastery Approach - Applying the key strategies to keep your business thriving underlies the processes we work through together. Mastery is more than business growth, it's about refining your knowledge and longer term thinking to enable your business to achieve its true potential.

Clear Focus - The main focus of the implementation process aims to bring people together to create and plan how to make the project vibrant. Focusing on the end point requires a decision as to implementing changes or simply going through the motions.

Supportive Process - The work that is to be completed is carried out by your team with your leadership. Our team supports this process.

Best Direction - The direction you take could include one or more of the following alternatives

  • • Concentration, such as vertical or horizontal growth
  • • Diversification, such as concentric or conglomerate
  • • Stability, which involves steady as she goes while trying to maintain profits
  • • Turnaround Divestiture/sale

Endless Possibilities - The possibilities are endless given the combination of choices available after deciding on the direction that you seek to take.

To discuss your alternatives, contact me here.