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silenceBecause is always used in connection with cause and effect.

Because "this" then "that", when you use because in any sentence you are actually disempowering yourself and your ability to react and take charge of your business and your actions in that circumstance.


What do you appreciate?When we appreciate something that act adds value to it.

If you appreciate something and I don’t, that “something” has more value in your eyes than mine.

We Can't Afford it!

You can afford it if you get your head around the issue

People who say they con't afford something need to focus on the underlying drives of their thinking.

Bicycle Repair Man

Bicycle Repair ManEach of us has an important role in life ... even the Bicycle Repairman.

Is Your Marketing a Tea Bag?

Teabag MarketingTea bags for some are cool, they save time and the mess of tea and now the makers of coffee are doing the same.

However ... convenience can be a trap.

Can Bob Build a Business?

Bob the BuilderI watched a Bob the Builder video the other day, with a friend's small son, and realised that he's more than your average tradesman.

A Single Word

wordsThere’s no denying it; words are powerful. I’m talking POWERFUL!


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