Business Sprints for innovation and business design and modelsBusiness Sprints

The world has changed, and it's time to align your business given this change.

Innovation and Design Sprints are for businesses who are seeking to create a bigger future, not maintain the status quo.

Working together we outline, prototype and test your big idea or solve a tricky strategic problem in just five days.

Utilising frameworks and creative thinking models, together we review, restructure, design, prototype and test your idea or solve a tricky strategic problem.

More information about what your Sprint may look like


Strategic Agenda a 5 week program to actionYour Strategic Agenda

Your Strategic Agenda sets the direction, alignment and focus with the capability, capacity and energy of your business while striving to succeed.

This five day program has been designed for you to develop and refine your strategy to progress to grow, to go or stay the course.

Your Strategic Agenda is about beginning where are you now and discovering what’s the gap you need to bridge to get real action happening.

The first step is for us to have a conversation ...  a “Risk - Potential - Capabilities Conversation

My work over the last twenty years has focused on fulfilling two fundamental purposes:

  • To support innovative and unique regional Australian businesses, through intelligent and purposeful growth or exit strategies.

  • To enable stringently managed, high value, regionally focused, investment opportunities in which investors would otherwise be unable or unwilling to access, evaluate, or invest into.

Above all our working together must be enjoyable and fun.

My Values >>

Whichever framework you choose they designed for innovators, innovative businesses and their teams.
  • You are someone who says no to traditional working conventions.
  • You understand what got you here, the people, processes and thinking, won’t necessarily get you to where you want to go.
  • You have a sneeking suspicion that everything up till now has been R&D
  • You are someone who rejects the concept of same old same old, day in day out .
  • You embrace the freedoms associated with creating a better view, having curiosity of mind and courage in the face of new challenges.

Where is your vision taking your business?


Vision is like having a picture in your mind of the future you prefer. It's the catalyst to provide meaning and motivation for you to take action toward your bigger future.

Understanding where you are at and where you are headed is paramount


At present we struggle to predict and prioritise our actions, to influence and benefit our circumstances.

Having clarity of purpose is a great place to start


Have you noticed that you are doing the same thing, yet expecting different results? So many additional factors now influence decision making.

Something that has come to the fore front is agility


What happened last year or last month may not be as applicable as we thought. Recent events are now the key driving force.


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