Innovation is no longer the exclusive province of techies! Innovation can start anywhere!

Andrew Young


Challenging the norms ...

Regional based individuals and businesses who are seeking to implement innovative and strategic change, work with me to create a bigger future for themselves and their business.

Below are some of the frameworks we can work together with. In a world where information is ubiquitous, there is an increased importance on the role of any of these processes.

When experiential knowledge is becoming more crucial, it becomes more critical to draw the knowledge out of experiences to create a bigger future for your business.


Together, we develop meaningful communications, strategies and thinking, questioning what you are doing, what you are thinking of doing and why you are adopting that strategy.
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You work with me as an external resource to lead or coordinate the work of a group to achieve agreed outcomes.
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Discover the power of having a person on your side that sparks change and transformation in your business to question why and what you are doing.
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Connecting to the right knowledge, expertise and support for your business change and growth requires streamlining access, to a network of support, connections, frameworks and a whole lot more.
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If you are a small to medium sized (SME) regional based business, with unique IP and systems, and are seeking to grow or exit, and are looking to develop strategies to progress your end goals then learn more and then make contact to discover what options and alternatives are available for you to act upon.


My work over the last twenty years has has been focused on fulfilling two fundamental purposes:

  • To support innovative and unique regional Australian businesses, through intelligent and purposeful growth or exit strategies.

  • To enable stringently managed, high value, regionally focused, investment opportunities in which investors would otherwise be unable or unwilling to access, evaluate, or invest into.

Working Together

Our program and processes are all about your building a business with a bigger impact, by utilising your key IP, your expertise and your brand. If you are seeking to exit it's about articulating the real value of your business beyond its balance sheet.


Do you know where you are really at?
Do you know where to start?
Do you know where to stop?

A strategic review enables you to obtain the scrutiny of an independent outsider.


What activity do you need to undertake?
What activity do you need to stop?
What order of priorities do you have?

A strategic agenda drives action on your focus.


Who do you wish to communicate with?
Why communicate with them?
What outcome do you seek?

Communication is an intentional process that looks at what each audience needs to hear from you.