Essential Tools

Given the current change in the working environment we are all facing many businesses are rushing headlong into implementing tools for collaboration.

Are they fit for your workflow and communication and collaboration strategy?

Staff and management are working in multiple locations, and you desire an alternative way to collaborate.

What tools are secure and respectful of your privacy, easy to use, and how do you choose from the many offerings?

This book was created in response to clients seeking a resource that provides a background to us having a strategic discussion around what's available and how does that fits with their needs and risk profile.

What's Inside

What Is Online Collaboration Software?
What Online Collaboration Entails
Three Critical Issues
Is it your communication and data, secure and scalable?
Assessing Your Business Collaboration Needs

The when, where, why and how we communicate.

Features vs Functionality
Measuring functionality
Concept Frameworks

Your Next Steps

53 collaboration tools - a checkin to review what's available for uses and outcomes
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How Big is Your Deckchair

How Big is Your Deck Chair?

How Big is Your Deck Chair? ... is about gaining clarity as to why you change and don't change using a deceptively simple three-step formula.
These three questions are ones that you need to be aware of when first meeting with prospective clients to discover their readiness for change.

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Six Questions and a Dream

Six Questions and a Dream

In seeking to achieve the dreams you have always wanted ... you must first answer six questions.
These questions aren’t interesting, but they serve to ensure that you have a direction in your focus when you begin the journey of change.
This is an abbreviated version of a workshop and process clients learn when we work together.

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Don't Sail Solo

Don't Sail Solo

For businesses seeking to implement change, growth or exit being so focused on the tasks at had it's easy to forget that there is a different view of what's happening.
Many businesses adopt the concept of an Advisory Board or an Advisory Council.

I've been involved with both "models" and as a result have developed a framework called a Strategic Council (Think Tank)

Don't Sail Solo sets out the background to that framework.



Every Reason to Say Yes!

In the initial stages of any form of business or personal relationship, the individuals or organisations go through a process of “sizing each other up” to see if there is some alignment to see if having a relationship is what is wanted.
Things may be more formal with business, but the steps are essentially the same in our personal lives.
When it comes down to the reality of the situation, in that formative stage we unconsciously need every reason to say yes.

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